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Red Sandal Soap


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Product Name/Product Code Red Sandal Soap / BPC-BP-006
Brand Name Bhuvika
Ingredients Traditionally cold pressed coconut oil, Castor oil, Red Sandal powder, Soda crystals (To thickening soap), Natural aroma fragrance
About this product Traditionally cold pressed red sandal oil soap with right combination of castor oil. Bhuvika pure hand made soap with the finest ingredients to provide pure skin care that not only cleans and nourishes, but also awakens your senses.

At BHUVIKA oil soap, we take special care in manufacturing process to make sure there Oil doesn’t lose its natural strength. Since soda crystals are used for thickening the Soap, we take 45 days curing process in order to evaporate the lye contents present in the soap thus become chemical free.

Application Body
Benefits Reduces acne and wrinkles

Class blemishes

Prevents Premature aging

Corrects hyper pigmentation

Lightens marks

Reduces scars and pores

Clears dark spots

Stops irritation creates by sunburn

Provides nourishment

Removes excess oil

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