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Organic Health Mix / 42 Ingredients / சத்து மாவு



Energy Booster
Improve growth in Children's
Strengthen Immune system
Suitable for all ages
Control Diabetics 
Suitable with milk
Health Supplementary
Reduce Tiredness
Reduce Fatigue
Rich in Fibre
Contains natural Vitamins and Minerals

Add Sugar For Taste. Best with Cane Sugar. 




Product Name/Product Code Organic Health Mix Flour / GR-FLO-011
Brand Name GG
Ingredients Organic Health Mix Flour
About this product This health mix is home made with 42 organic ingredients. It covers the departments like Rice, Millets, Pulses, Seeds, Nuts, Spices, Vegetables etc. Hence it has almost all the nutrients contains in food. It is not added with any sugar. You can use it with boiled milk and add sugar for more taste. Consuming daily in the morning or night before bed gives better result. A completed health supplementary.
Application Edible


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