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Nilavembu Kuineer / நிலவேம்புக் குடிநீர்


Nilavembu Kuineer 50g

நிலவேம்புக் குடிநீர்

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Product Name/ Product Code Nilavembu Kuineer / HP-AY-011
Brand Name


Ingredients Nilavembu Kuineer
About this product

Nilavembu Kudineer is widely used in Siddha medicine to combat, prevent and manage of all types of viral infections and fevers. This herbal powder has various medicinal properties, which include antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and more

Application Edible
  • Remedies Heart Troubles

  • Fights Respiratory Issues

  • Prevents Ulcers

  • Shields Against Infections

  • Digestion

  • Manages Diabetes

  • Treats Arthritis

  • Relieves Skin Disorders
  • Nilavembu is Used for Diabetes, Arthritis, Liver & Cancer
  • Nilavembu is Used for Allergies
  • Nilavembu is Used For All Kinds of Fever
  • Nilavembu Kudineer is Used for Dengue Treatment
  • Used for Cold


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