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Mahua Oil Soap


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Product Name/Product Code Mahua Oil Soap/ BPC-BP-009
Brand Name Bhuvika
Ingredients Traditionally cold pressed mahua oil, coconut oil, Pure Castor oil, Soda crystals (To thickening soap), Natural aroma fragrance
About this product Mahua oil used in treating various skin conditions. Due to its oleating properties, it’s especially effective against itching and dryness of skin. It is very good in healing repair, damaged and wound parts of our skin. It is rich in moisturizing and antioxidants. Protects our skin from UV rays.

At BHUVIKA oil soap, we take special care in manufacturing process to make sure there Oil doesn’t lose its natural strength. Since soda crystals are used for thickening the Soap, we take 45 days curing process in order to evaporate the lye contents present in the soap thus become chemical free

Application Body
Benefits Natural skin whitening agent

Creates shiny later over skin

Protects skin from various skin disease

Helps in regaining our original skin tone

Moisturize skin effectively

Reduces skin cells from damaging out of build ups

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