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Karupu Kauni Aval Organic / Poha / கருப்பு கவுனி அரிசி அவல் / Rice Flakes / Aval




Product Name/Product Code Karupu Kauni Rice Poha Organic / GR-FL-002
Brand Name GG
Ingredients Karupu Kauni rice
About this product This rice is in existing from Chola period. Earlier it was grown in small quantities and consumed only by the royalty. The common people  were forbidden to consume this rice. It’s also known as the emperor’s rice. In Tamil Nadu, it is popularly known by the regional name Karuppu Kavuni Rice. This poha is made traditional way. 

It was grown in a natural way with organic fertilizers. Organic and Natural food products reduce public health risks to farm workers, their families, and mainly to the consumers by minimizing their exposure to toxic and repeated chemicals intake. When toxic chemicals are repeatedly exposed to soil, the soil loses its capacity to absorbs natural fertilizer and the food produced from that soil is also a mixture of artificial fertilizer. Children’s are more vulnerable to pesticides. Hence by choosing products without toxins helps improve the quality of life.

Application Sweet poha balls, Upma etc
  • This rice is high in antioxidant
  • This rice was consumed by Tamil Kings
  • This rice has 18 amino acids
  • This rice is used to treat dog bites
  • This rice helps increase bone strength and prevent bone related ailments
  • Pregnant women used to consume this rice for normal delivery
  • This rice is a rich source of anthocyanin. The anthocyanin phytochemicals found in black rice reduce the LDL cholesterol (also known as Bad cholesterol), thus promoting good heart health
  • This rice boosts eye and heart health
  • This rice helps in weight loss
  • This rice also prevents from cancer
  • This rice is a good source of fibre
  • This rice helps in preventing diabetes
  • This rice is also rich in protein content
  • The phytonutrients present in black rice help cleanse the body of disease causing toxins
  • Black rice helps the liver eliminate unwanted substances through its antioxidant activity
  • Low glycemic index
  • It is also good for skin and hair
  • Food grown organically are rich Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus
  • Organic foods are less exposure to nitrates 
  • Organic foods are more nutritious
  • Organic food reduce pesticide exposure
  • Organic and natural foods are most suitable to human body
  • Aval is found to be rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C and dietary fibre.
  • A healthy breakfast.

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