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Kaatuyanam Rice Organic / காட்டுயானம் அரிசி / Traditional Rice


Organic Kaatuyanam Rice 



Product Name/Product Code Kaatuyanam Rice Organic / GR-RI-017
Brand Name GG
Ingredients Kaatuyanam Rice 
About this product This rice is predominantly grown in Tamil Nadu. This rice can be cultivated in any climate as it can survive driest conditions. It is also called as “enemy of diabetes”. It is a traditional paddy variety that has been used for long time and has more medicinal properties. It grows up to a height of 7 feet tall. The height can even hide wild elephants when they enter the farm, the wild elephant can be hid amidst the crop. For this reason it is called as “Kattuyanam Arisi” which means wild elephant’s rice. It is a Parboiled rice and the cultivation Period is almost 150 days.

It was grown in a natural way with organic fertilizers. Organic and Natural food products reduce public health risks to farm workers, their families, and mainly to the consumers by minimizing their exposure to toxic and repeated chemicals intake. When toxic chemicals are repeatedly exposed to soil, the soil loses its capacity to absorbs natural fertilizer and the food produced from that soil is also a mixture of artificial fertilizer. Children’s are more vulnerable to pesticides. Hence by choosing products without toxins helps improve the quality of life.

Application  All purpose rice
  • This rice is rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  • This rice makes our body healthy.
  • This rice helps in good digestion as it has a high fibre content.
  • If we eat this rice, we will have a good quality sleep.
  • This rice is good for diabetic people.
  • This rice is rich in folic acid.
  • This rice helps in preventing bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol)
  • This rice helps in healthy functioning of heart.
  • This rice has antioxidants which cures many heart related diseases.

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