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Hibiscus Flower Powder / செம்பருத்தி பூ பொடி


Reduce Body Heat
Packed With Antioxidants
May Help Lower Blood Pressure
Strengthen Heart 
May Help Lower Blood Fat Levels
May Boost Liver Health
Could Promote Weight Loss
Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer
Could Help Fight Bacteria
Flavorful and Easy to Make
Helps Improve Hair Growth


Product Name/ Product Code Hibiscus Flower Power / HP-HP-016
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Ingredients Hibiscus Flower Power
About this product Hibiscus plants are known for their large, colorful flowers. These blossoms can make a decorative addition to a home or garden, but they also have medicinal uses. The flowers and leaves can be made into teas and liquid extracts that can help treat a variety of conditions.

Hibiscus flowers come in many colors. They can be red, yellow, white, or peach-colored, and can be as big as 6 inches wide. The most popular variety is Hibiscus sabdariffa. The red flowers of this variety are most commonly cultivated for medical purposes, and are available as dietary supplements.

Hibiscus tea, also called sour tea because of its tart taste, is made from a mixture of dried hibiscus flowers, leaves, and dark red calyces (the cup-shaped centers of the flowers). After the flower finishes blooming, the petals fall off and the calyces turn into pods. These hold the plant’s seeds. Calyces are often the main ingredients in herbal drinks containing hibiscus.

Application Edible


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