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GS Gingelly Oil / நல்லெண்ணை / Wooden Pressed Oil / Cold Pressed Oil / செக்கு எண்ணெய்



High in antioxidants
Prevents diabetes
Has strong anti-inflammatory properties
Good for your heart
May help control blood sugar
Has anti-carcinogenic properties
May help treat arthritis
May help heal wounds and burns
May protect against UV rays
Provides relief in rheumatoid arthritis
Improves oral health


Product Name/Product Code GG Gingelly Oil / GR-OI-004
Brand Name GG
Ingredients Gingelly Oil
About this product In this cold pressed extraction, only pressure is applied to the sesame seeds to extract the oil. At no stage is any heat applied in the process of extraction. This ensures that most of the nutrients in the oil are preserved during the extraction process and the resulting oil has the richest nutrient profile of all the varieties. This process takes more time than others but the oil produced is considered better.

Organic gingelly oil, is the oil that is extracted from organically grown sesame seeds. These plants are grown without any pesticides or chemicals. These plants grow slower as they are not given growth enhancers and the yield may also be lower than non-organic crops. Organic gingelly oil is perhaps the most expensive of all. Let us look at the benefits of switching to gingelly oil, both for cooking our food and for use as a body care oil for our hair and body externally.

Sesame oil contains Vitamin E, which can help protect skin cells from the damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays, pollution, and toxins. Sesame oil also contains several phenolic compounds, which give it its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds include: tocopherol, pinoresino, sesamin, sesamolin, sesaminol, sesamol

It also contains several essential fatty acids. These acids are effective moisturizers that can help keep your skin supple, soft, and hydrated. Soe of them are, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid etc

Application Both external and cooking purpose 

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500 ml, 1000 ml


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