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Black Jeera Seed / Black Cumin Seeds / கருஞ்சீரகம்


Black Jeera Seed 100g

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Product Name/Product Code Black Jeera Seed / DS-SE-008
Brand Name GG
Ingredients Black Jeera Seed
About this product The seed of Nigella sativa has been used in different civilization around the world for centuries to treat various animal and human ailments. Various studies demonstrated tat this seed is medicinally very effective against various illnesses including different chronic illness , neurological and mental illness, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, and infertility as well as various infectious diseases due to bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and viral infections.
Application Edible
  • Packed With Antioxidants
  • May Lower Cholesterol
  • Have Cancer-Fighting Properties
  • Can Help Kill off Bacteria
  • May Alleviate Inflammation
  • Could Help Protect the Liver
  • Can Aid in Blood Sugar Regulation
  • May Prevent Stomach Ulcers


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