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Aruatham Kuruvai Rice Organic / அறுபதாம் குறுவை அரிசி / Traditional Rice / பாரம்பரிய அரிசி




Product Name/Product Code Aruatham Kuruvai Rice Organic / GR-RI-015
Brand Name GG
Ingredients Aruatham Kuruvai Rice
About this product Organic Aruvatham Kuruavi Rice, a Reddish traditional milled rice. This rice is unpolished and hence it makes you fell fill quickly and end up eating less and hence good for weight management and increase good cholesterol etc. This Rice is grown in Tamilnadu and has attained huge popularity for it’s medicinal benefits.. Can also be raised in rainfed areas. It is normally suitable for all seasons. Crop Duration is around 60 days
Application All purpose rice. Used for making idly, dosa, idiyappam, puttu and meals. Due to its rich milky nature, it can used for making porridge for persons under treatment. Can also be used for making puttu, idiyappam and kozhukkattai.
  • Stimulate growth and repair throughout the body
  • Slows the signs of aging
  • Protects against chronic diseases
  • Prevents the onset of diabetes
  • Optimizes the digestive process
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps with weight loss efforts
  • Acts as cardiotonic
  • Improves good cholesterol

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