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A.L.M Sun Dried Karonda Cherry / Sweet Cherry / செர்ரி பழங்கள்


A.L.M Karonda Cherry 100g

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Product Name/Product Code A.L.M Sun Dried Karonda Cherry / NDF-DF-002
Brand Name A.L.M
Ingredients Karonda Cherry
About this product Karonda Cherry Fruits can be eaten fresh or used for jellies and jam. Fruits usually occur in clusters somewhat resembling large purple grapes. It also somewhat resembling that of a blueberry. 
Application Edible
Benefits Anti-Inflammatory Agents. This fruit was used in the ancient Indian medicine. Also used for Ayurvedic in order to treat acidity, indigestion, fresh and infected wounds, skin diseases, urinary disorders and diabetic ulcer. It is also used for bad digestion, stomach pains, constipation, and excessive flatulence, anemia, skin conditions etc


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