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A.L.M Sun Dried Black Plum / Indian Blackberry / கருப்பு பிளம்ஸ்


A.L.M Dry Black Plum 100g

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Product Name/Product Code Black Plum / NDF-DF-003
Brand Name A.L.M
Ingredients Black Plum
About this product Black Plum is one of the delicious fruit cultivated in many regions throughout the world with numerous health advantages. It is believed that this least calorie vegetable is native to the India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Andaman islands, but now it is also cultivated widely all over the world for domestic and commercial purpose. The other name of Black Plum are Black Plum, Indian Blackberry. Due to various types of Vitamin, Minerals and nutrients, present in the Black Plum it has lots of health benefits. Among that some of the health benefits of Black Plum include improving Digestive Health, Helps to Reduce the Cholesterol, Improves Immune System, Prevents the Risk of Cancer, Helps to Reduce Blood Pressure, Improves Bone Health, Prevents Diabetes, Improves Skin Health and Improves Eye Health
Application Edible
Benefits Improves Skin Health

Prevents the Risk of Anemia

Improves Bone Health

Improve Brain Function

Improves Digestive Health

Boost Immune System

Promotes Wound Healing

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Increase Blood Flow

Prevents the Risk of Diabetes


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