What is an Organic Food?

Organic foods are kind of foods produced via organic farming methods. Any food produced without the usage of artificial chemicals can be said as organic food. Organic is also free from preservatives, flavoring substances, food coloring agents, artificial food sweeteners etc. Hence an organic food gets affected quickly by small insects due to its organic nature; and hence the shelf life of an organic food is less compare to chemically processed foods.

What are the classifications of an organic food?

Organic food can be classified into two categories.

  1. Food cultivated using traditional methods and non-genetically modified seeds, crops, trees, birds and animals etc.
  2. Food cultivate by genetically modified seeds, crops, trees, birds and animals, but grown in organically way. Example: Seed less papaya, seed less fruits etc).

Food cultivated via first method (A) is the best organic food and food cultivated using Second method (B) is not the best compared to A. It is because the crops are genetically modified even though the food is produced in an organic way.